Churidar Pajama

Churidar, or more properly churidar pajama is tightly fitting trouser worn by both men and women in the Indian subcontinent. Churidar are a variant of the common shalwar pants. Shalwars are cut wide at the top so that it is comfortably worn and they are narrow at the ankle to match the elegant look of wearing a tight.  Churidars narrow more quickly, so that contours of the leg are revealed and it gives a smart look to the one who is wearing it.

Latest Churidar Pajamas 2020

Deemas fashion is here to stitch churidar pajamas to go with your frocks and kurtis. This bottom outfit provides excellent grace to your whole look. We are a very eminent brand engaged in offering the best quality fabric for all kinds of clothing.


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Showing 1–24 of 255 results

The churidar pajamas that our fashion brand includes comes with adjustable waist so you don’t have any complaints regarding the fitting and also because they are then easy to wear. our service is one reason why customers head towards our stores before any other brand. You are also whole heartedly welcome to come visit us and try our clothing selection or you can also check on us on our online website.